Grace V. Hancock

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Undergraduate Student Researcher (former)

Grace Hancock is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and grew up in the suburb of Phoenixville. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Cellular Biology in the Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, and worked in the Witwer lab from 2013-2015. Her academic interests include most areas of Biology including virology, genetics, and evolutionary development. She ran cross country and track for the teams at Johns Hopkins. Grace is now a graduate student at UCLA.

Grace investigated the role of exosomes and microRNAs in HIV resistance of highly exposed individuals. She used microarrays for miRNA quantification, performed nanoparticle tracking analysis and electron micrography of particles from biological samples. She also compared various extracellular vesicle purification methods.

B.S.: Molecular and Cellular Biology, Johns Hopkins University. Baltimore, MD. (May, 2015)
High School: Westtown School. West Chester, PA. 2007-2011